Making Quark isn’t rocket science. That’s why we keep it simple, especially when it comes to our ingredients. We thoughtfully source the finest, local grass-fed milk from surrounding Upstate New York farms. Then we blend it with natural additions like real fruit. And, we never ever use artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, flavors, or growth hormones.

Each batch of Misha Quark is lovingly crafted in Upstate New York for over 13 hours. We blend special dairy cultures with locally-sourced, grass-fed milk and then strain it to make it super thick and creamy with up to 17 grams of protein per cup. Finally, we gently heat Misha to raise its pH. The result? A Quark with no tart yogurt taste that’s crazy creamy, satisfyingly simple, and oh so easy to love.


We believe that dairy should be good for you, and the planet. Our cups are made with 50% less plastic than the average yogurt container and are completely recyclable.

And, we’ll only work with vendors who share our passion and perfectionism. We source only the highest-quality grass-fed milk from local family farms in Upstate New York who use sustainable farming practices and absolutely no synthetic growth hormones.

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