About Us


Our story starts in New York City when Kamilya met her best friend and soon-to-be co-founder Daniyar at Columbia University. Fresh to NYC from Central Asia – Kamilya was surprised by how all of the yogurt she tried seemed either too sweet or too tart. It just seemed so different and less filling than what she was used to back home.

Growing up, she ate lots and lots of Quark. Her family even had a second fridge just to hold Quark and Kefir (and some chocolate too) that her parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins would feast over as shared family snacks. At bazaars, they’d buy Quark lovingly handcrafted by local babushkas (grandmothers) and mix it up with homemade preserves for a timeless treat.

By her senior year at college, Kamilya was daydreaming of Quark during class and researching how to make it at night. She soon told Daniyar about her idea to bring Quark to America. Once Daniyar heard the idea, he was in. Soon after on a volunteer trip to Greenland, the duo met a French guy named Pierre. When he heard about the idea, he was in too.

Together the friends worked tirelessly to craft their Quark. They spent a year of perfecting the recipe, until it captured all of the things they loved about Quark: its non-tart taste, versatility, and thick texture. And then they took it up a notch — not stopping until their Quark was silky smooth and jam packed with protein. And they named it Misha.

Some might say that Misha Quark is yogurt-ish. But really, it’s so much more. Misha is on a mission to make each spoonably creamy cup of our hand-crafted Quark better than the last. And, we’re just getting started.